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Interested in helping premature infants?

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The Life Support and Sustainable Living (LSSL) Program better prepares community college and university engineering and technology students with both technology and professional skills that are required to meet today’s workforce demands.  The advantage of the LSSL Program is that it prepares students to not only learn critical thinking and relevant technical skills, but to also enter the workforce with necessary professional skills including teamwork, leadership, project planning and social networking experiences.  In addition, academic partnerships with industry, medical hospitals and government entities using real-world applications have proven to engage diverse populations, in particular women and minorities.  Finally, the Program teams are inter-institutional as well as interdisciplinary and capitalize on the synergy between the theoretical knowledge of university faculty and students, complemented by the requisite hands-on technical skills of community college students and faculty.

The Life Support and Sustainable Living (LSSL) Program aims to provide and believes in the ability of education to change the future, to move the planet towards a world of progress, harmony and wisdom. A good education means something that leads to the creation of a fully-developed individual: mature, knowledgeable, strong and kind. This is the vision towards which the LSSL Program is continuously striving to meet.

This website has been created to help existing and prospective participants understand the LSSL Program's concept of education and the methodology of realizing this concept. This website also offers detailed information about the participating schools/institutions, proposed curriculum and provides insight into various other aspects of our Program(s). Along with the Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing, the Life Support and Sustainable Living (LSSL) Program and the Engineering Challenge for the 21st Century Program are part of the Connecticut College of Technology (COT).   COT Map

Success Story - A LSSL Program participant from Naugatuck Valley Community College completed a two-year program and was able to successfully transfer into a four-year mechanical engineering degree program at a local university. This student has created and would like to share a video of what he was able to achieve through the Life Support and Sustainable Living Program. (click here to view/download the video)

The Life Support and Sustainable Living Program Winter Intersession 2012 Application is available by clicking here 2012 LSSL Program Application

The Connecticut Community College's College of Technology (CCOT) Virtual Collaboration Environment or "Collaboratory" is an on-line research environment in which community college and partnering institutions' faculty and staff can work and communicate with each other to participate in collaborative projects and conduct research to improve curriculum and programs.

Financial support for the LSSL Program is provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF) (Grant Number: DUE ATE # 0903131, "21st Century Learning: A Connecticut Higher Education, Industry & Government Collaborative") and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

For answers to any questions you may have or for further information about any aspect of the Life Support and Sustainable Living Program's way of life, please contact us.

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The Engineering Challenge for the 21st Century Program's Summer Teachers Dissemination Workshop 2012 flyer is available by clicking here PDF Format or WORD Format